Touch + Depth is Magic

Every wondered how slick those photos and videos come out of your favorite photo and video editing software on desktop are. We are bringing all that magic right on your smart phone. Accompanying our camera hardware we have a suite of Android and iOS applications that let you bring this power of desktop editing to ypur phone. Now use your finger to refocus, move your friends around in the image, change 3D lighting, key-out backrounds from your home-made video and much more!

The Future of Photography in Your Hands

We went inside your mobile camera and fundamently changed how each ray of light is processed before it hits your sensor and your screen. All of this works through our patented technology - a photolithographic mask that attenuates each incoming light ray depending on its angle. This allows us to get enhanced 3D and 4D information about the scene that can be used for magical post-processing and editing features.